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Haiku by Sonia Sanchez

The Haiku For Me Is

Silence. crystals. cornbread
and greens laughter. brocades.
The sea. Beethoven. Coltrane.
Spring and winter. blue rivers.
Dreadlocks. blues. a waterfall.
Empty mountains. bamboo. bodegas.
Ancient generals. dreams. lamps.
Sarah Vaughn. Her voice exploding
in the universe, returning to earth
in prayer. Plum blossoms.
Silk and steel. Cante jondo
Wine. hills. flesh. perfume.
A breath inhaled and held.



Come windless invader
I am a carnival of
Stars a poem of blood.

I have caught fire from
Your mouth now you want me to
Swallow the ocean.

When we say good-bye
I want yo tongue inside my
Mouth dancing hello.

Mixed with day and sun
I crouched in the earth carry
You like a dark river.

You too slippery
For me. Can’t hold you long or
Hard. Not enough nites.

Am I yo philly
Outpost? Man when you sail in
To my house, you docked.

This is not a fire
Sale but I am in heat
Each time I see ya.

I am who I am.
Nothing hidden just black silk
Above two knees.

I am you loving
My own shadow watching
This noontime butterfly.

Is there a fo rent
Sign on my butt? You got no
Territorial rights here.

My face is a scarred
Reminder of your easy
Comings and goings.

Derelict with eyes
I settle in a quiet
Carnival of waves.

I want to make you
Roar with laughter as I ride
You into morning.

I have carved you face
On my tongue and I speak you
In my off-key voice.

the I in you the
you in me colliding in
one drop of semen

legs wrapped around you
camera. action. Tightshot.
This is not a rerun.


What I want
From you can
You give me? What
I give to
You do you
Hey? Hey?

love between us is
speech and breath. Loving you is
a long river running.

Sonia Sanchez wrote some amazing haiku. Sonia Sanchez is a poet, activist, and scholar. She is a major writer in the Black Arts Movement and wrote sixteen books.
Courtesy of Terebess Asia Online (tao)

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