Erena Terakubo

Erena Terakubo is an 19-year-old Japanese alto sax player from Sapporo, Japan. She is definitely an emerging star that you will hear about. Erena started playing when she was 9 years old and later played for the Sapporo Junior Jazz Orchestra. She studied at the Berklee College of Music of Boston.

Her debut album is called “North Bird” with Kenny Barron, Christian McBride, Lee Pearson, and Peter Bernstein and reached #1 on some Japanese jazz charts released on 6-23-10.

She just released her 2nd Album is called “New York Attitude” with Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Lee Pearson, Dominick Farinacci released 6-22-11. “New York Attitude” songs: 1. New York Attitude 2. One Four You 3. Star Aizu 4. An Oriental Folk Song 5. Jump the Toe Ruth 6. Invitation 7. Jisu Hia 8. Fascination 9. Dell Sasser 10. Body and Soul. Recommended.



Erena playing when she was 14


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