Enforcing the Silence


Enforcing The Silence is a movie produced by Tony Nguyen that explores the tragic loss of courageous Lam Duong a community activist who was murdered for his pro Vietnamese beliefs. He founded the Vietnamese Youth Development Center (VYDC) in San Francisco and he educated the community with stories from Vietnam following the Vietnam War. A right-wing group admitted responsibility to his death and in turn threatened the community to stay in line with their political views or risk death. The police and federal officials have yet to solve Lam Duong death, as well as, related murders. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Lam Duong’s death.

Meaning and Impact of Film
I asked Tony what “Enforcing the Silence” means to him. “The fact that Lam was the first to be assassinated on U.S. soil his killing had a silencing effect on the Vietnamese American community.” I also asked Tony what the impact of the movie might be. “Breaking the silence by just talking and discussing the long-term effects of the war. What happened to Lam affected the community.”

Biography of Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen, a second-generation Vietnamese American, learned documentary film-making through organizing in the Asian community where he directed programs in Washington D.C. and Oakland, CA. He is also the director of The Mayor of Chinatown, a story of a real estate agent who dedicates his life to serving his community in Oakland, CA.


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