The Simplicity of Photography

Photography in its basic form is simple. You basically want to take the best possible photograph under the circumstances. Photography is not really complicated or difficult.

The most important aspect of photography is yourself – you are the one who can make good photographs. How well you are prepared with your photography will make the difference in your results. Good photographers are doers – just go out and take photographs. Your overall attitude is very important – it’s important to have a good attitude towards learning.

Three Photography Keys

Camera Operation

How to use the camera. It’s important to learn how to use the camera properly – be confident with the camera. The camera is your photographic tool. Know how to use automatic, as well as, TV, AV, program, and manual. Learn how to use fast and slow shutter speeds to capture action or movement. It’s important to use the timer for group shoots to include yourself. Understanding ISO or camera speed is very important also. Use 100 to 160 ISO for daylight photographs and the subject will look cleaner. 800 to 1600 to use indoors without flash and the subject will be more coarse. In summation you want to control the camera and not let the camera control you.


Focus, Shutter, Aperture and lighting. First of all practice on focusing your subject – especially moving objects. A big part of good photography to know how to expose your photograph manipulating the shutter and aperture. You want to expose each picture correctly to get the best possible photograph and you do this by adjusting the shutter and aperture for your desired effect. Get enough practice so your exposure comes out right most of the time. Knowledge of lighting on your subject is very important. It’s important to locate the direction is the light be natural lighting or artificial lighting. Softer type of lighting is always best for your subject.


How well you compose each photograph is also a major characteristic of good photography. What makes for well composed photograph? 1) Good photographs show movement in the picture – usually in circular motion. 2) The best photographs are simple – showing no distractions in foreground or background 3) What is the focus of your photograph? A person, a group, or a band playing music 4) Shoot candid photographs – they show people as they naturally are 5) Stay away from centered photographs – they look rather static 6) Get a wide variety of shots of your subject – not just 1-2 shots 7) What is your focal point of the photographs with respect to action, message, and composition. Try to anticipate the best shot when you photograph.

Be open to learning new photography skills and techniques and keep improving your photography skills are the keys to being a good photographer.


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