Fried Rice

Fried rice Cha-Han チャーハン is one of my favorite dishes – it’s easy and cheap to make and it tastes good. It’s a dish you can also use leftover rice, vegetables, and meat. This is a Japanese version.


1 ½ cups white rice to serve one person. I use short grain white rice because it stays together
1 white onion medium
1 green onions chopped
1 egg scrambled
2 Tablespoons sesame oil
2 tse to 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tse Sugar to add more flavor


I use a frying pan to cook fried rice but you can use a wok
Cook rice – use a rice cooker if you can
Fry egg in pan using olive oil

Add rice to pan. Then add onions, green onions, and the egg. Then add the soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar. Mix ingredients together and cook for about 15 minutes and you are done


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