Haiku by Mizuhara Shuoshi 1892-1981


leaves quickly fall

in the meadow

MIZUHARA Shuoshi (1892 – 1981)

The scene is Akagi mountain of Gunma prefecture. The woodpecker is pecking at the tree and eating insects. People listening to the sound of the pecking, also notice that the leaves were already falling in the meadow. This is one scene of the highland meadows of late autumn.

This haiku is rather new in style, because haiku usually describes in black “sumie” style, but this haiku is written as if in the oil painting style of the French Impressionists. So Shuoshi seems to have the eyes of a Western artist towards Nature, seen in bright sun-light.

Courtesy of HIA Haiku International Association

Selected by Takaha Shugyo

Translated by SATO Kazuo & Patricia Donegan


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