Kan Sano

From my blog Japan Music Corner
Kan Sano 佐野 観 is an extremely skilled and talented pianist, producer, composer, arranger, and DJ from Tokyo. His music ranges from re-mixes, improvisation, hip-hop , to jazz solo piano pieces. It is rare to see both an excellent musician and producer. Kan self-taught himself piano and composition from the age of 11 and it shows in his music. In addition, he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Amazingly his band performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival while still in school in 2003 and 2004. Circulation his début album was released in 2011. Kan’s new album is called “” in 2014. Songs from 1. Endless River 2. Go Nowhere feat. Benny Sings 3. Here and Now feat. Monday Michiru 4. Song Bird 5. Long Walk 6. Come Closer 7. Above Love feat. Maya Hatch 8. Tenderness 9. Fly Me to Your Heart 10. 地球へ feat. Marter 11. みらいのことば feat. 長谷川健一. Recommended.


*See video from website Here and Now feat. Monday Michiru



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