Onigiri (Rice balls)

Onigiri or rice balls are easy to make

Ingredients ( Serves 4 )
Onigiri with a grilled salmon filling (sufficient for 4 rice balls)
・400 g steamed rice
・A half of sliced salmon (50g)
・White sesame seeds  

Onigiri with a tuna and mayonnaise filling (sufficient for 4 rice balls)
・400 g steamed rice
・40 g tinned tuna in oil
・2 teaspoons mayonnaise

Grilled onigiri flavoured with soy sauce (sufficient for 4 rice balls)
・400 g steamed rice
・Soy sauce

How to cook
1.For the onigiri with the salmon filling, sprinkle salmon with salt, and rest for at least 30 minutes. Pat dry and grill in a frying pan. Carefully remove any skin and bones, and flake the fish.
2.Place 100 g of the steamed rice in a rice bowl. Insert a quarter of the flaked salmon into the center of the rice. Ensure the rice is covering the salmon filling.
3.Moisten both hands and coat lightly with salt. Upend the bowl of rice into your hands, and press and shape into a ball. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds.
4.For the onigiri with the tuna and mayonnaise filling, drain the tinned tuna and mix with the mayonnaise. Add the mixture to the center of the rice, instead of the salmon in case of the salmon Onigiri. Shape the rice into a ball as you made the salmon Onigiri. Then squeeze into a flattened ball about 3 cm thick between your hands. Then use both hands to shape it into a triangle.
5.For the grilled onigiri, shape the rice into a flattened ball. Grill in a frying pan. Turn when the rice starts to turn color. Dip in soy sauce and return to the pan. Grill again over low heat, turning occasionally until it turns a golden brown.
Courtesy of Akiko Watanabe of NHK


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