Spring Haiku

Missing mom who believed my fibs All Fool’s Day

–Satoru Kanematsu (Nagoya)

* * *

Walking into

a cedar forest

my friend laughing

–Devin Harrison (Vancouver Island, Canada)

* * *

First day of spring

the sap icicle

on the broken branch

–Philomene Kocher (Kingston, Canada)

* * *

Morning prayer–

discovered in dewdrops

pieces of sky

–Marek Kozubek (Bangkok, Thailand)

* * *

My every desire–

plum blossoms

in the wind

–Lilia Racheva (Ruse, Bulgaria)

* * *

Dark river

the short memory

of snowflakes

–Patrick Sweeney (Misawa, Aomori)

* * *

A game of

blind man’s bluff

cherry blossoms in the dirt

–Grace Stroer-Jarvis (Misawa, Aomori)

* * *

April Fool’s Day

everywhere I go

my father’s shadow

–Gabriel Sawicki (Wroclaw, Poland)

* * *

Deep, cold, river

Drina is ready, Bosnia

does not need a cemetery

–Smajil Durmisevic (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

* * *

Rural alehouse

over a tin-pot beer

beautiful stories

–Wieslaw Karlinski (Namyslow, Poland)

Courtesy of Asahi Haikuist Network & David McMurray


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