The Tree of Life

The tree of life represent all that is life, encompassing all that exists upon the planet. When we walk the Red Road, our journey ends under the protection of this Tree. It causes the rhythm of the world to continue year after year, and with each cycle, fruit nourishes those who stand under her boughs. The roots dig deep into history. Those dedicated to this energy know the value of all beings, tend to Mother Earth, and live a honorable life in honor of the spirit of the ancient Tree.

The white man is too far removed from America’s formative processes. The roots of his tree of life have not yet grasped the rock and soil . . . . But for the Indian, the spirit of the land is still vested . . . When the Indian has forgotten the music of his forefathers, when the sound of the tom-tom is no more, when the memory of his heroes is not longer told in story . . . he will be dead.

Luther Standing Bear

Oglala Sioux Chief, 1905 to 1939

Courtesy of 365 Days of Walking the Red Road by Terri Jean


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