Recommended Japanese Indie Music December 2017

Recommended Japanese Indie Music December 2017

From my music blog called Japan Music Corner

“I want to popularize and present quality Japanese music — J-pop, j-rock, and jazz etc., to the world. International music of all types have little exposure in this country because the music industry only plays and promotes American and Western popular music to the detriment of other styles. We believe Japanese music is equally as good as Western music if given the opportunity. Japan Music Corner believes in music equality and the understanding and appreciation of all music”

Miho Tsujibayashi

Miho is a competent indie singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger from Kawasaki

Ayumi Koketsu

Ayumi Koketsu is a professional and elegant alto sax player from Tokyo.

Ki-ichi Beer The Holy Proximity キイチビール&ザ・ホーリーティッツ

Ki-ichi Beer The Holy Proximity are an original indie rock group with their own sound while having fun.


Miz are an acoustic guitar playing duo from Tokyo.

New music worth listening:

Ai Namida なみだ 藍

Ai Namida is an indie pop singer-songwriter from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. She started playing since junior high and began to win awards.

Yureru Dress

Yureru Dress is an indie rock band from the Kansai (Osaka) region in Japan.


Favorite Japanese Indie Music

From my music blog called Japan Music Corner

Rollo and Leaps

Rollo and Leaps are a worthy new Japanese rock-pop band to listen to with a nice rhythmic guitar influenced sound.

Shin Rizumu

Shin Rizumu シンリズム is an intelligent and very talented young pop-rock singer-songwriter from Kobe who has ability beyond his years.

Futarino Bungaku

Futarino Bungaku ふたりの文学 have the right formula for success with Miho Tsujibayashi as the lead singer who is also a composer, songwriter, and arranger and have competent band members.


Wallflower are a indie pop band from Osaka with a new singer named Eri Nakajima and have developed a sophisticated sound.

More cool music


Rino Oishi

More listen to more Japanese indie see my Soundcloud site that is updated regularly:

Best of Japanese Indie Music

These musicians are worth listening to. From my blog Japan Music Corner

Best of Japanese Indie Music 2016


Tokyo based pop-rock group Nicoten have a professional and upbeat sound

Easy Come

Indie band Easy Come play a captivating City Pop and pop sound

Japonesque Musique

Japonesque Musique was originated by DJ Takaha that fuses house and techno music with Japanese traditional sounds

Quietly Excited Penguin

Quietly Excited Penguin are refreshingly different and have their own unique sound

Recommended Japanese Indie Music

My current favourite Japanese indie musicians from my music blog called Japan Music Corner

South Penguin

South Penguin are a new pop-rock group from Tokyo with a melodic beat


Macaroom are an electronica pop group that incorporates martial arts, literature, and science & technology into their good music

Maiko Nagisa

Maiko Nagisa is a jazz pianist with a bright future

Often Mofun

Often Mogun is a pop or city pop group from Tokyo

Cider Girl

Cider Girl are an indie rock band with a developed sound

Kurofune 黒船

Kurofune 黒船 are musicians who combine Shimauta music of Amani and Kagoshima Prefecture with pop and jazz. They successfully combine the traditional with the modern. The key performers of Kurofune are Sekiya Yuki bassist from TRI4TH, Anna Sato, a shimauta singer and shimisen player from Amani Island, and Hikari Shirafuji, who plays tsugaru-jamisen from the group Ki & Ki Tsugaru Shamisen.

Recommended Japanese indie music from my blog Japan Music Corner


This the latest from Yukeufumei 行方不明 an indie electro pop duo from Tokyo



Kiki are an exciting new indie pop band with a new type of sound



Kurofune are a jazz and shimauta band that successfully combines the traditional with the modern


Honeydew are an alternative rock band that started in Brooklyn, New York but returned to Tokyo

Fox Capture Plan

Fox Capture Plan are an excellent jazz-pop-rock band

Japanese Music Recommendations

Longman an exciting up and coming punk rock band.  See upcoming article on my music blog

Shin Rizumu is a talented sing-songwriter for such a young age
For good Japanese rock check out My Hair is Bad
TINÖRKS is a very talented folkronica, acoustic, and electronica group worth listening to
Jun Miyakawa is a very skilled jazz pianist who also plays Rhodes and Wurlitzer